Robert C Pullar

Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering / CICECO
University of Aveiro, Portugal
Journal Editor of Multiferroic Materials

Fields of interest: 

Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Ceramics and Composites

Dielectric and Ferroelectric Ceramics, particularly Niobates and Titanates

Ferromagnetic and Ferrimagnetic Ceramics, especially Hexagonal and Spinel Ferrites

Microwave / Millimetre wave / GHz / THz Dielectric and Magnetic Ceramics

Combinatorial High-Throughput Synthesis, Processing and Measurement of Bulk Ceramic and Composite Libraries

LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) for Intergrated Chips and Devices

Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Magnetic and Multiferroic Nanocrystals, Colloidal Nanoclusters, and Hybrid / Core-Shell Nanoparticles

Sol-Gel Synthesis and Processing of Fibres, Nanopowders, Thick Films and Composites

Waste valorisation for use as biomaterials, and magnetic and electronic ceramics

Wood-based composites and ecoceramics

Photocatalysts based on titanates, self-cleaning and antibacterial photocatalysts

Biomaterials and bioceramics for use as bone replacements and scaffolds

Recent publications: 

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R. C. Pullar, 
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Vladimir S. Bystrov, Ekaterina V. Paramonova, Yuri Dekhtyar, Robert C. Pullar, Aleksey Katashev, Natalie Polyaka, Anna V. Bystrova, Alla V. Sapronova, Vladimir M. Fridkin, Herbert Kliem, Andrei L. Kholkin,
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Journal of Applied Physics 111 (2012) 104113.

Robert C. Pullar, Igor K. Bdikin and Ashok K. Bhattacharya,
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