Rania Habib

Associate Professor
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Syracuse University
E-mail: rhabib@syr.edu
Page: http://asfaculty.syr.edu/pages/lang/habib-rania.html

Fields of interest

Sociolinguistics, Second Dialect Acquisition, Phonology

Recent publications

R. Habib
Identity, ideology, and attitude in Syrian rural child and adolescent speech.
Linguistic Variation 16(1/2016), 34-67.

R. Habib
Parents and their children’s variable language: Is it acquisition or more?
Journal of Child Language, , pp. 1-22. doi: 10.1017/S0305000916000155. First view/published online March 11, 2016.

R. Habib
Bidirectional linguistic change in rural child and adolescent language in Syria.
Dialectologia 16 (2016), 117-141.

R. Habib
Vowel variation and reverse acquisition in rural Syrian child and adolescent language.
Language Variation and Change 26(1/2014), 45-75.

R. Habib
’Imala and rounding in a rural Syrian variety: Morpho-phonological and lexical conditioning.
Canadian Journal of Linguistics/Revue canadienne de linguistique 57(1/2012), 51-75.

R. Habib
Frequency effects and the lexical split in the use of [t] and [s] and [d] and [z] in the Syrian Arabic of Christian Rural Migrants.
Journal of Historical Linguistics 1(1/2011), 77-105.

R. Habib
Towards determining social class in Arabic-speaking communities and implications for linguistic variation. Sociolinguistic Studies 4 (1/2010), 175-200.

R. Habib
Humor and disagreement: Identity construction and cross-cultural enrichment.
Journal of Pragmatics 40 (6/2008), 1117-1145.