Rebecca Crozier

Assistant Professor
Archaeological Studies Program
University of the Philippines

Fields of interest

Human osteology, taphonomy, mortuary analysis, prehistory, Southeast Asia, British Neolithic

Recent publications

Go, M.C., Lee, A.B., Santos, J.A.D., Vesagas, N.M.C., Crozier, R. (Accepted 2016) A newly ssembled human skeletal reference collection of modern and identified Filipinos, Forensic Science International.
Crozier, R. 2016 (In Press – corrected proof online) Fragments of Death. A taphonomic study of human remains from Neolithic Orkney, Journal of Archaeological Science, Robb, J. and Knüsel, C. (eds).
Crozier, R., Richards, C., Robertson, J. & Challands, A. 2016. Re-orientating the dead of Crossiecrown: Quanterness & Ramberry Head in The Development of Neolithic House Societies in Orkney: Investigations in the Bay of Firth, Mainland, Orkney (1994 –2014) Richards, C. & Jones, R. (eds). Windgatherer Press.

Crozier, R. 2014 Exceptional or conventional? Social identity within the chamber tomb of Quanterness, Orkney. In Exploring Prehistoric Identity in Northwest Europe. Our construct or theirs? Ginn, V.G., Enlander, R.A. and Crozier, R. (eds). Oxbow.

Schulting, R., Sheridan, A., Crozier, R. & Murphy, E. 2010. Revisiting Quanterness: new AMS dates and stable isotope data from an Orcadian chamber tomb. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 140, 1 – 50.

Craig [Crozier], C. R., C. J. Knüsel & G. C. Carr 2005. Fragmentation, mutilation and dismemberment: an interpretation of human remains on Iron Age sites. In Violence, Warfare, and Slavery: British Archaeological Reports International Series 1374. 165-180. M. Parker-Pearson and I. J. N. Thorpe (eds.) Oxford: Archaeopress.