Rita de Nardis

Research Fellow, Senior Expert in Science and Technology
Department of Psychology, Health and Territory Sciences, Department of Civil Protection , Seismic and Volcanic Risk Office
University of Chieti , Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Rome
E-mail: rita.denardis@protezionecivile.it

Fields of interest:
  • Seismotectonics;
  • Regional and local seismology;
  • Management and data analysis of regional and local seismic networks;
  • Applied geophysics.
Recent publications (selected):

Di Giulio, G., R. de Nardis, P. Boncio, G. Milana, G. Rosatelli, F. Stoppa, G. Lavecchia (2016):
Seismic response of a deep continental basin including velocity inversion: the Sulmona intramontane basin (Central Apennines, Italy).
Geophysical Journal International, 204, 418-439.

Ferrarini, F., G. Lavecchia, R. de Nardis, F. Brozzetti (2015):
Fault geometry and active stress from earthquakes and field geology data analysis: the Colfiorito 1997 and L’Aquila 2009 cases (central Italy).
Pure Applied Geophysics. 172, 1079–1103.

de Nardis, R., L. Filippi, G. Costa, P. Suhadolc, M. Nicoletti, G. Lavecchia (2014):
Strong motion recorded during the Emilia 2012 thrust earthquakes (Northern Italy): a comprehensive analysis.
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 12, 2117-2145.

Romano, M.A., R. de Nardis, M. Garbin, L. Peruzza, E. Priolo, G. Lavecchia, M. Romanelli (2013):
Temporary seismic monitoring of the sulmona area (Abruzzo, Italy): A quality study of microearthquake locations.
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 13, 2727-2744.

Sgroi, T., R. de Nardis, G. Lavecchia (2012):
Crustal structure and seismotectonics of central Sicily (southern Italy): New constraints from instrumental seismicity.
Geophysical Journal International, 189, 1237-1252.

Zambonelli, E., R. de Nardis, ., L. Filippi, M. Nicoletti, M. Dolce, (2011):
Performance of the Italian strong motion network during the 2009, L’Aquila seismic sequence (central Italy).
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 9, 39-65.

Visini, F., R. de Nardis, G. Lavecchia (2010):
Rates of active compressional deformation in central Italy and Sicily: Evaluation of the seismic budget International.
Journal of Earth Sciences, 99, 243-264.

Lavecchia, G., F. Ferrarini, R. de Nardis, F. Visini, M.S. Barbano (2007):
Active thrusting as a possible seismogenic source in Sicily (Southern Italy): Some insights from integrated structural-kinematic and seismological data.
Tectonophysics, 445, 145-167

de Nardis, R., E. Cardarelli, M. Dobroka (2005):
Quasi-2D hybrid joint inversion of seismic and geoelectric data.
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