Rong Tang

Associate Professor
School of Library and Information Science
Simmons College

Fields of interest:

Usability and user experience research; Human information behavior; needs assessments, citation behavior, collaborative information interaction, eye-tracking and cognitive styles, MOOCs in Asia, data science programs description and curriculum analysis

Recent publications:

Tang, R., Mon, L. Beheshti, J., Li, Y., Pollock, D., Ni, C., Chu, S., Xiao, L., Caffrey, J., & Gentry, S. (2016). Needs Assessment of ASIS&T Publications: Bridging Information Research and Practice. Paper accepted to appear in 2016 ASIS&T Annual Meeting Proceedings.

Tang, R. (2016). Cognitive Styles, Demographic Attributes, Task Performance, and Affective Experiences: An Empirical Investigation into Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Core Users. Journal of Library and Information Studies, 14(1), 1-23.

Tang, R. (2016). Usability Research. In L. S. Connaway & M. L. Radford. (Eds). Research Methods in Library and Information Science (6th Ed). ABC-CLIO.

Tang, R., & Sae-Lim, W. (2016). Data Science Programs in the US Higher Education: An Exploratory Content Analysis of Program Description, Curriculum Structure, and Course Focus. Education for Information, 33(1), 1-22.

Tang, R. & Quigley, E. (2014). Dyadic diversity attributes on interactive tabletop collaboration, performance, and perception. Paper appears in Proceedings of iConference 2014.