Rasa Pranskevičiūtė


Researcher, PhD
Vytautas Magnus University
E-mail: raspran@gmail.com

Fields of interest:

Contemporary Alternative religiosity

Nature-based spirituality

Contemporary paganism

Post-Soviet cultural heritage

Youth, religious and other subcultures

Alternative/ utopian social projects

Recent publications:

Pranskevičiūtė, R. 2014.
“Communal Utopias Within Nature-based Spiritualies: Vissarionites and Anastasians in the Post-Soviet Region.”
Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research. ISSN 2000-1525.

Pranskevičiūtė, R. 2014.
„Šiuolaikinio religingumo kaita ir išraiškos: alternatyvūs dvasingumo judėjimai Vakarų ir posovietinėje visuomenėse.“ [The Change and Manifestations of Contemporary Religiosity: Alternative Spiritual Movements in Western and Post-Soviet Societies].
Culture and Society. Journal of Social Research. ISSN 2029-4573.

Pranskevičiūtė, R., Juras, T. 2014.
“Acting in the Underground: Life as a Hare Krishna Devotee in the Soviet Republic of Lithuania (1979–1989).”
Religion and Society in Central and Eastern Europe. ISSN: 1553-9962.

Pranskevičiūtė, R. 2014.
“The Anastasia Movement in the Baltic Region: Structural Peculiarities of Worldview and the Specifics of the Formation of Alternative Lifestyle Models.”
In Nordic New Religions, edited by Lewis, J. (Leiden: Brill).

Pranskevičiūtė, R. 2013.
“Contemporary Paganism in Lithuanian Context: Principal Beliefs and Practices of Romuva.”
In Modern Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Aitamurto, K.& Simpson, S. (Durham: Acumen, 77-94).

Pranskevičiūtė, R. 2013.
„Pagonybė ir senovės baltų tikėjimas“ [Paganism and Old Baltic Faith]

Pranskevičiūtė, R. 2013.
„Anastasijos judėjimas“ [Anastasia Movement]

Pabedinskas, T. & Pranskevičiūtė, R. 2012.
„Subkultūra“ [Subculture]. ISBN 978-609-8099-00-3.
Kaunas: Lietuvos fotomenininkų sąjungos Kauno skyrius.

Pranskevičiūtė, R. 2012.
«Тенденции альтернативных духовных движений в пост-советском обществе» [Tendencies in Alternative Spiritual Movements in a Post-Soviet Society].
In Церковь, государство и общество в истории Росии и православных стран [Church, State and Society in a History of Russia and Orthodox Countries]. ISBN 978-5-9984-0356-9. (Владимир: ВлГУ, 118-121).

Pranskevičiūtė, R. 2012.
““Back to Nature” Philosophy in the Vissarion and the Anastasia Movements.”
Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review 3/2: 198-215.