Sabina Jakóbczyk-Karpierz

Assistant Professor
Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology
University of Silesia, Faculty of Earth Sciences

Fields of interest:

Groundwater chemistry, environmental tracers in hydrogeology, groundwater contamination, geochemical modelling

Recent publications:

Jakóbczyk-Karpierz S., Sitek S., Jakobsen R., Kowalczyk A., 2017 – Geochemical and isotopic study to determine sources and processes affecting nitrate and sulphate in groundwater influenced by intensive human activity – carbonate aquifer Gliwice (southern Poland). Appl. Geochem., 76, 168-181.

Czekaj, J., Jakóbczyk-Karpierz S., Rubin H., Sitek S., Witkowski A.J., 2016. Identification of nitrate sources in groundwater and potential impact on drinking water reservoir (Goczałkowice reservoir, Poland), Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. 94, 35-46.