Sarah E. Allen

PhD Candidate
University of Florida & Florida Museum of Natural History, USA

Fields of interest:
  • paleobotany
  • paleoclimatology
  • paleoecology
  • plant systematics
  • plant morphology and anatomy
Recent publications:

Allen, S.E. (2015).
Fossil palm flowers from the Eocene of the Rocky Mountain region with affinities to Phoenix L. (Arecaceae: Coryphoideae). International Journal of Plant Sciences 176: 586-596, doi: 10.1086/681605

Allen, S.E., G.W. Stull,, and S.R. Manchester (2015).
Icacinaceae from the Eocene of western North America. American Journal of Botany 102: 725-744, doi: 10.3732/ajb.1400550

Arens, N.C., and S.E. Allen (2014).
A florule from the base of the Hell Creek Formation in the type area of eastern Montana: Implications for vegetation and climate, in Wilson, G.P., Clemens, W.A., Horner, J.R., and Hartman, J.H., eds., Through the End of the Cretaceous in the Type Locality of the Hell Creek Formation in Montana and Adjacent Areas: Geological Society of America Special Paper 503: 173–208, doi: 10.1130/2014.2503 (06).