Soheil Zeraati Rezaei

Research Fellow
Mechanical Engineering
University of Birmingham

Fields of interest:

Alternative Fuels, Advanced Combustion Modes, Renewable Energy, Exhaust After-treatment Systems, Vehicle Emissions and their Environmental Impacts

Recent publications:

Soheil Zeraati Rezaei, Fan Zhang, Hongming Xu, Akbar Ghafourian, Jose Martin Herreros, Shijin Shuai. Investigation of two-stage split-injection strategies for a Dieseline fuelled PPCI engine. Fuel, Volume 107, May 2013, Pages 299308

Chongming Wang, Soheil Zeraati Rezaei, Liming Xiang, Hongming Xu. Ethanol blends in spark ignition engines: RON, octane-added value, cooling effect, compression ratio, and potential engine efficiency gain. Applied Energy, Volume 191, April 2017, Pages 603–619.

Mohammed S. Alam, Soheil Zeraati Rezaei, Christopher P. Stark, Zhirong Liang, Hongming Xu, Roy M. Harrison. The characterisation of diesel exhaust particles – composition, size distribution and partitioning. Faraday Discussions, Volume 189, 2016, Pages 69-84.