Tessio Novack

PosDoc Researcher
Institute of Geography – GIScience Group
Heidelberg University
E-mail: novack@uni-heidelberg.de
Page: http://www.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/gis/novack.html

Fields of interest:

Volunteered Geographic Information, Geosocial Media, Urban Remote Sensing, Spatial Statistics.

Recent publications:

Novack, T., Stilla, U. (2017) Graph-based strategies for matching points-of-interests from different VGI sources In: AGILE 2017 – Joint ISPRS conference. Wageningen (Holland)

Novack, T., Stilla, U. (2015) Discrimination of urban settlement types based on space-borne SAR datasets and a conditional random fields model In: PIA15+HRIGI15 – Joint ISPRS conference. Munich (Germany)

Novack, T., Kux, H. J. H., Feitosa, R. Q., Costa, G. A. O. P. (2014) A knowledge-based, transferable approach for block-based urban land-use classification. International Journal of Remote Sensing. v.35, p.4739 – 4757.