Tomás de Figueiredo

Environment and Natural Resources
Mountain Research Centre – CIMO / IPB, Portugal

Fields of interest

Soil erosion; Soil degradation and desertification; Soil and water conservation and management; Mountain environments

Recent publications


  • Evelpidou, N. & Figueiredo, T. de (eds) 2009. Soil Protection in sloping Mediterranean agri-environments: Lectures and Exercises. IPB, Bragança, Portugal. xvi+300pp. (
  • Evelpidou, N., Figueiredo, T. de, Mauro, F., Tecim, V. & Vassilopoulos, A. (eds) 2010. Natural Heritage from East to West: Case studies from 6 EU countries. Springer Verlag, Berlin. xviii+384pp.
  • Figueiredo, T. de. 2015. Protecção do Solo em Viticultura de Montanha: Manual Técnico para a Região do Douro. ADVID – Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Viticultura Duriense, Peso da Régua. 110 pp. (author and editor) (

ISI indexed papers

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  • Figueiredo, T. de, Fonseca, F. & Martins, A. 2012. Soil loss and run-off in young forest stands as affected by site preparation technique: a study in NE Portugal. European Journal of Forest Research 131:1747–1760 (doi: 10.1007/s10342-011-0581-6) (
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  • Schmidt, S., Meusburger, K., Figueiredo, T. de, Alewell, C. 2016. Modeling hot spots of soil loss by wind (solowind) erosion in Western Saxony, Germany. Land Degradation and Development (accepted).