Zhihua Zhang

Beijing Normal University, China
E-mail: zhangzh@bnu.edu.cn
Page: http://www.gcess.cn/yjspy/dsjj/87775.html

Fields of interest:

Climate Change and related fields

Selected publications:

Z. Zhang and J.C. Moore, Mathematical and Physical Fundamentals of Climate Change (Monograph), ISBN: 978-0-12-800066-3, 494 pages, Elsevier (USA), 2014.12

Z. Zhang, Tree-Rings, a Key Ecological Indicator of Environment and Climate Change, Ecological Indicators, 51, pp 107–116, 2015

Z. Zhang; J. C. Moore; D. Huisingh; Y. Zhao, Review of geoengineering approaches to mitigating climate change, Journal of Cleaner Production, 103, pp 898-907,2015

Z. Zhang, N. Saito, PHLST with adaptive tiling and its application to Antarctic remote sensing image approximation, Inverse Problems and Imaging,8:1, pp 321-337, 2014,

Z. Zhang, Techno-economic assessment of carbon capture and storage facilities coupled to coal-fired power plants, Energy & Environment, 26(6-7), pp. 1069–1080, 2015,

Z. Zhang, J. C. Moore and A. Grinsted,Haar wavelet analysis of climatic time series,International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing,12 (2):pp 1-11, 2014

Z. Zhang, P. Jorgensen, Modulated Haar wavelet analysis of climatic background noise, Acta Appl Math,140(1), pp 71-93, 2015

D. Huisingh,Z. Zhang*, J. Moore, Q. Qiao, Q. Li, Recent Advances in Carbon Emissions Reduction: Policies, Technologies, Monitoring, Assessment and Modeling, Journal of Cleaner Production, 103, pp1-12, 2015 (*corresponding author)