Ziming Liu

School of Information
San Jose State University
E-mail: Ziming.Liu@sjsu.edu
Page: http://ischoolapps.sjsu.edu/facultypages/view.php?fac=liuz

Fields of interest:

Information behavior; digital reading

Recent publications:

Liu, Z. & Huang, X. (2016). Reading on the move: A study of reading behavior of undergraduate smartphone users in China. Library & Information Science Research (forthcoming).

Liu, Z. & Luo, L. (2011). A Comparative study of digital library use: Factors, perceived influences, and satisfaction. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 37(3), 230-236.

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Liu, Z. (2006). Print vs. electronic resources: A study of user perceptions, preferences, and use. Information Processing and Management, 42(2), 583-592.

Liu, Z. (2005). Reading behavior in the digital environment: Changes in reading behavior over the past 10 years. Journal of Documentation, 61(6), 700-712.

Liu, Z. (2004). Perceptions of credibility of scholarly information on the web. Information Processing and Management, 40(6), 1027-1038.

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