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Protecting Kids: Take Air Pollution Seriously!

A study published in Translational Neuroscience shows how air pollution affects the health of children. The paper by Sam Brockmeyer from the Carleton University I Canada, examines the current state of research in this topic and comes to some startling conclusions. Air pollution is generally measured by exposure to seven dangerous substances including particulate mass […]

Ballet of Steel: A new Satellite Control Method

Have you ever looked up into the night sky and saw the erratic flash of one and wondered what the space vehicle you were gazing at actually looked like? It varies-Sputnik was the size of a beach ball, and the Hubble Space Telescope is the size of a school bus. There are thousands of satellites […]

The Rise of Robotherapies

New Robotherapy for Children with Autism Could Reduce Patient Supervision by Therapists Autism treatments and therapies routinely make headlines. With robot enhanced therapies on the rise, often overlooked though, is the mental stress and physical toll the procedures take on therapists. As autism treatments can be taxing on both patient and therapists, few realize the […]