Book Publisher

If you represent a society or another organization that wants to publish a book, you may have considered or you may want to consider publishing it in Open Access. In this model, the book is available online to all interested readers, who do not have to pay for accessing its contents. Also, you may want to consider outsourcing production, distribution and marketing to a professional publisher. De Gruyter Open is fully prepared to fulfill this role and publish your book for free, offering you the you the world’s best technology solutions and marketing services used by the major international publishers at an affordable price.

Why choose open access for books ?

Up until now, Open Access publishing has made its biggest impact within the journal market, primarily in the field of science. However, it is now increasingly focusing on books, while opening up to the humanities and social sciences. Open Access is known to attract a wide audience, to expand readership and even to increase the sales of printed copies. Electronic publishing technology offers many utilities, similar to the ones found in journals (full-text search, reference linking etc.). Due to lower costs and unrestricted access, open access monographs can also be made to reach niche audiences for particularly specialized books.

Services and Fees

De Gruyter Open provides and covers the costs of many solutions and services, including the following:

1. editorial and production solutions and services

a) online hosting platform
b) plagiarism detection system CrossCheck
c) formatting (from source files to PDF)
d) DOI allocation; metadata distribution to CrossRef

2. marketing services

a) book webpage at De Gruyter website
b) arranging for indexing by abstracting services; metadata distribution to such services
c) arranging indexation by Thomson
d) indexing by Google and other search engines
e) promotional electronic leaflet

3. distribution services

a) full-text distribution to libraries; IP authorization
b) librarian support
c) full-text distribution to aggregators and full-text repositories
d) providing license agreement for users
e) administering permissions

5. financial solutions and services

a) arrangements with institutions on institutional memberships

Optionally, De Gruyter Open can provide sales and distribution of printed copies. De Gruyter Open fee is per book published and is very affordable. There are no set-up or fixed fees involved. For more details on De Gruyter Open society-pays model, please see the presentation (PDF, 1,67 MB) and the Frequently Asked Questions. Also, please contact us at