Journal or Series Owners and Editors

You may already publish your journal in a subscription-based model but you are having problems sustaining revenues, or you already publish in the journal-pays open access model but the journal owner can barely finance the journal anymore, so you are thinking of transforming the journal to the author-pays model. In this model, readers do not pay to access the content and publishing costs are borne by authors’ organizations.

De Gruyter Open can professionally convert your journal to the author-pays model, and then publish it for an agreed period of time. The journal continues to belong to its current owner, and the journal editors continue their work. For a successful conversion, the journal should have a good impact factor and/or strong reputation, so that authors keep contributing to the journal, despite publication fees. As a rule, such conversion is immediate, but – if the journal has significant subscription revenues – it can be transitional and last one or two years, during which the journal publishes both open access and paid access articles.

Business Model

De Gruyter Open collects all revenues and shares them with the journal owner. The main revenue stream comes from the so-called Article Processing Charges, paid by authors (or rather their affiliate institutions/other sponsors) of manuscripts accepted for publication. We apply waivers for authors from developing countries, and discounts for journal editors and – if the journal belongs to a society – discounts for its members. De Gruyter Open covers all standard publishing costs.


De Gruyter Open provides and covers the costs of many solutions and services, including the following:

1. editorial solutions and services

a) online submission system Editorial Manager
b) plagiarism detection system CrossCheck
c) assisting journal editors to find language editors

2. production solutions and services

a) online hosting platform
b) online production tracking system ProduXion Manager
c) formatting (from source files to PDF)
d) conversion to XML (for PubMed; for biomedical journals)
e) DOI allocation; metadata distribution to CrossRef
f) digital print (only for subscriptions)
g) one printed issue for corresponding author of each article

3. marketing services

a) journal webpage at De Gruyter website
b) arranging for indexing by abstracting services; metadata distribution to such services
c) arranging indexation by Thomson
d) indexing by Google and other search engines
e) promotional electronic leaflet

4. distribution services

a) full-text distribution to libraries; IP authorization
b) librarian support
c) full-text distribution to aggregators and full-text repositories
d) arranging for coverage by long-term preservation services (such as Portico); full text distribution to such services
e) providing license agreement for users
f)  administering permissions
g) sales and distribution of printed copies

5. financial solutions and services

a) online system to collect APC
b) arrangements with institutions on institutional memberships


For more details on De Gruyter Open author-pays model, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

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