Journal or Series Owners and Editors

Publisher Pays

You may want to start or continue publishing your serial in the journal-pays model. In this model, neither the reader pays to access the content, nor the author pays for publishing in the serial, and the publishing costs are borne by the journal owner.

Over 95% of scholarly journals published globally that offer open access to their electronic content, are financed by the research institutes, societies, universities and other organizations, to which the journals belong. Such institutions seek solutions that increase journals’ quality and status, but do not increase their budgets. They often consider outsourcing some (or all) publishing functions to a professional publisher. Also, many editors want to focus on the editorial work and would prefer not to get involved in journal production, distribution and marketing. De Gruyter Open is fully prepared to fulfill this role.

Business Model

All journals published by De Gruyter Open offer unrestricted access to readers and libraries. In the journal-pays model, De Gruyter Open services are paid for by the organization that the journal belongs to.

Services and Fees

All journals at De Gruyter Open that are published in journal-pays model have contracted the Basic Pack of the services. Some have also contracted selected additional services. The main component of the Basic Pack is the online hosting and distribution platform. It offers very many functionalities, including automated reference linking and metadata distribution. The Basic Pack also includes:

  • standard journal website at
  • distribution to libraries; IP authorization
  • librarian support (FAQ, e-mail)
  • allocation of DOI; metadata distribution to CrossRef
  • arranging for indexing by A&I services; metadata distribution to A&I services
  • arranging for coverage by full-text repositories; full-text distribution to such repositories
  • arranging for coverage by open access directories; metadata distribution to such directories
  • arranging for coverage by long-term preservation services (such as Portico); full text distribution to such services
  • indexing by Google and other search engines
  • pre-evaluation for Medline; preparing application to Medline; optional applying to Medline
  • pre-evaluation for Thomson Scientific; preparing application to TS; optional applying to TS
  • advice how to grow citations and impact factors (for journals indexed by TS)
  • advice how to grow reference linking
  • usage statistics

Additional services are in the fields of:

  • consulting (e.g. advice how to transform subscription journal to open access journal),
  • editorial (e.g. online manuscript submission and peer review system Editorial Manager),
  • production (e.g. online production tracking and content management system ProduXion Manager),
  • distribution (e.g. sales and distribution of printed copies),
  • marketing (e.g. e-mail marketing).
  • PR for single Articles

De Gruyter Open fee for the Basic Pack is calculated per published article and it is very affordable. There are no set-up or fixed fees involved. Additional services are priced separately per service, so that the journal owner can customize the range of publishing services used, according to its needs and budget.

For more details on the De Gruyter Open journal-pays model, please see the presentation and Frequently Asked Questions.

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