Journal or Series Owners and Editors

Open access is a natural step forward for Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (NAD) and Versita is a publisher that seems to suite our needs very well. This cooperation helps us to take several big steps forward.

Prof. Kerstin Stenius, Editor-in-Chief , Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

Versita delivers what it has committed. Our journal is applied to abstracting and indexing databases, DOIs are registered for each article, full articles are sent to full-text repositories and distributors, readers enjoy sophisticated e-publishing technology. We are glad to see growing interest of authors and readers in our quarterly.

Prof. Jozef Korbicz, Editor-in-Chief , International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

It is my pleasure to work with Versita. They have substantially increased Radiology & Oncology visibility on the web and have helped us to enter the most important databases and reach a high Impact Factor. Their help has enabled us to grow faster and become a truly international journal

Prof. Gregor Sersa, Editor-in-Chief , Radiology & Oncology

Owing to the excellent cooperation with Versita the journal rapidly increased its quality. The teamwork with Versita helped us to find an environment for information exchange among scientists, engineers and industry people, as well as encouragement for effective and coordinated research cooperation in the field of measurement science.

Prof. Ivan Frollo, Editor-in-Chief , Measurement Science Review

For our journal, cooperation with Versita is like opening window to the world of science. As an electronic publisher Versita makes this window open to thousands of potential readers. Increasing popularity of Versita results in an increasing interest of readers of papers from the field of hydrology and hydraulics. Therefore, we plan to strengthen our cooperation with Versita in the future.

Dr. Viliam Novák, Editor-in- Chief , Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics

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