Journal or Series Owners and Editors

Conversion from subscription model to open access model

The current subscription-based journal system does not work well for small publishers, as their subscription revenues are difficult to sustain. Instead, libraries generally prefer to buy journals from large publishers who offer them in bundles. If your serial is already published in a subscription model, you may want to consider changing to open access. De Gruyter Open can convert your serial to either the journal-pays or author-pays option.

Conversion from journal-pays model to author-pays model

If your journal does not sell subscriptions, and does not charge authors for publishing articles, it is already in the so-called journal-pays model. Financing this type of model can be a heavy burden for the institution that owns the publication. If your journal has a good Impact Factor, authors may be willing to pay for publication, in which case De Gruyter Open can convert your journal-pays publication to the author-pays option.

Professional publishing services for your journal-pays journal

If you want to start or continue publishing your journal in the journal-pays model, you may want to consider outsourcing some, or all publishing functions, to a professional publisher. Most editors want to focus on the editorial work and would prefer not to get involved in journal production, distribution and marketing. But De Gruyter Open is fully prepared to fulfill this role, offering you the world’s best technology solutions and marketing services used by the major international publishers. All this however comes at an affordable price – more details  here.